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A triple staged storage solution

Check-in – A full condition check of your vehicle will be undertaken when received and a report, supported by photographs, will be issued to you via email.

Manage – We will conduct a full pre-storage preparation exercise ahead of storing your vehicle. Custom packages available.

Check-out – Vehicles can be checked out at any time with 48 hours' notice. A full inspection report will be emailed confirming the condition of your vehicle prior to departure.

Our storage packages are based on vehicles no wider than 2m and no longer than 5m. We can provide quotes for larger vehicles. 


Our pre-storage preparation includes:

  • Condition report including photographs issued to the client
  • Unique id assigned to the vehicle, keys tagged and securely stored
  • Interior protection applied to the driver’s seat, steering wheel and footwell
  • Vehicle carefully cleaned, dried and vacuumed
  • Vehicle fluid levels and battery condition checked
  • Tyre pressures adjusted ahead of storoge to help prevent ‘flat spotting’
  • Vehicle fully aired for 24 hours prior to storing
  • All post clean ‘flash’ rust on the brake discs and drums removed
  • Drip tray installed to help detect any potential fluid loss
  • JLF Car Nest high quality, breathable indoor car cover fitted
  • Report and photographs post completion of the pre-storage preparation phase sent via email to the client.


Post completion of our pre-storage preparation we will: 

  • Move your vehicle into our highly secure storage facility 
  • Ensure that the RH is always between 50-55% in the dehumidified storage facility. 
  • Each storge bay is individual to the size of each vehicle
  • A soft, breathable indoor car cover will be fitted
  • Vehicle checks will be performed twice a day
  • Battey conditioner and drip tray checks will be performed weekly
  • Car fluids, tyre pressures and tyres checked monthly

Any defects will be noted and reported to the client


Prior to departure we will:

  • MOT and road tax (if applicable) checked
  • Battery, lights and horn checked
  • Fluid levels checked
  • Screen wash checked and topped up
  • Tyre pressures checked and adjusted if required
  • Car started and run up to temperature
  • Final inspection carried out and condition report issued to you
  • Vehicle delivered to you if requested

Note: Any defects will be noted and reported to the client